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We are in Port-Barcarès city, close to Perpignan that welcome the TGV network (also a small airport but consider coming by train ;-)

There are some direct Train connexion to Paris (5 - 6h direct connexion), to Barcelone (1.30h direct connexion), to Montpellier (1.30h direct connexions), to Toulouse (2.30h direct connexion)...

Transportation will be organized to reach the resort from Perpignan train station around 17h on Sunday 8th of March to bring you to QEM as well as the return back to Perpignan on Friday 20th in the morning. We will try to satisfy as many of you with this connexion through a survey before your arrival. Still there is a direct Bus connexion with the Sankeo Perpignan Bus network through Line 10 (only 2 buses on Sunday 8th leaving Perpignan Train station @ 1.37PM & 6.37PM and one every hour on Friday 20th morning).

 You can also organize your own transportation up to the conference. Take a look at the surrounding.



Rio de Janeiro: 8799 km

New-York : 6185 km

Göteborg : 1694 km

Cambridge : 615 miles

Paris : 750 km

Toulouse : 152 km

Montpellier : 105 km

Perpignan : 30 km

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