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French Research council
The European Microscopy network
They will install a F2 microscope with its double EDS detector (1,7srd) for the whole duration of the school and will also contribute to the main organisation of the school with an essential financial support. Many thanks to them !
NanoX NanoX
The NanoX is a laboratory of excellence (LabEX) of Toulouse.
Sfmu Sfmu
The french microscopy society
ThermoFisher Scientific ThermoFisher Scientific
ThermoFisher Scientific will provide advanced TEM remote sessions during all the duration of the school.
Lanef Lanef
LANEF is a ‘Laboratoire d’Excellence’ or “Labex” that associates six fundamental research labs based in Grenoble: Institut Néel, IRIG, G2Elab, LNCMI, LPMMC and LiPhy. As such, one of the major actor of TEM for material science in Grenoble.
The Centre of Excellence of Multifunctional Architectured Materials (CEMAM) is devoted to the design, creation, and the fundamental understanding of new multifunctional materials and improved performances that will underlie the technologies of the future in a more sustainable world
Gatan Gatan
Gatan will provide a spectrometer, a camera as well a PIPS and maybe more...
Tescan Tescan
Tescan will provide focused ion beam (FIB) remote sessions during all the duration of the school.
CEOS is THE company for charged particle optics, building aberration correctors (and even more) for now 25 years. We thanks them and are pleased to welcome them @ QEM
NION will also help us to organize an exhaustive school on TEM, and will propose a live demo on one of its machine.
Dectris Dectris
Dectris will provide financial support to the school
Nanomegas Nanomegas
Nanomegas will provide a financial support to contribute to the main organization of the school.
Protochips Protochips
Protochips will help our lecturers for in-situ practicals session as well as showing up the microscope control though its software.
EDEN instrument EDEN instrument
EDEN will provide a plasma cleaner for all the duration of the school and financial support.
Eloise is providing important systems around an electron microscope, such as NanoMegas solution but also tools, evaporator or camera. They help us in such school organization
Quantum detector Quantum detector
Quantum Detector will provide financial support to the school
PIE Scienific PIE Scienific
PIE Scientific provides plasma cleaning and vacuum system for TEM holders. They are associated to this school organization.
Springer Springer
Springer will once again be with us to propose some important link to existing TEM litterature.
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